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Beautification at your finger tips! Let me and my team beautify you. We specialize in Bridal Makeup, Airbrush Makeup, Prom, Special Occasions, Industry, Print, Fashion, Fitness, Creative, Music Videos and more. Makeup lessons also available.


Delivering the wow in Beauty since 2007

Freelance Makeup Artist, Beauty Expert, Eyelash Tech, Medical Aesthetician  & Skincare Specialist


Hi, I am Renée. The founder and Head MUA of Beautified By Renee. Beautified By Renee is a Mobile Beauty Service that focuses on professional makeup, Airbrush makeup, eyelash extensions, hair and nail application.  Let us Beautify you and bring some BeautElligence in your life. BeautElligence is the combination of beauty and intelligence.  Being in this field and in life, many people make the assumption that since you have a pretty face that intellectually your mind is less than stimulated and that you have a terrible attitude and/or you do not have the drive or even education to deliver the wow factor. I beg to differ! You can be both! I'm living proof along with so many other young women today. I love to deliver the wow in beauty and I am a very intelligent young woman, whether it be in Makeup, Aesthetics or Life. I love to make people feel beautiful about who they are on the inside and out. I always remind my clients that being beautiful is not only based on appearance but about being genuine on the inside and having a beautiful soul. That is what makes you truly beautiful.


How did Beautified By Renee start? After landing a remarkable job working as a beautician on a cruise ship, I decided that once my contract was over, beautifying people is what I wanted to do long term. It was definitely my calling. When I returned home I took a Professional Makeup Course & I also decided to take Medical Aesthetics. Once I graduated college in 2006, Beautified By Renee formerly known as "BeautyOnWheels" was born. I feel that there is no limit in recreating myself; hence the name change to my business.  I have grown so much and so has my business. The sky is the limit! Along with working for Royal Caribbean in the cosmetics department, I have gained tremendous experience working as a MUA for MAC Cosmetics, NARS Cosmetics and for other top makeup brands. I have trained with MAC, Nars, Kett Cosmetics (which is the top airbrushing makeup brands) and Extreme Lash Canada ( which is the top and first eyelash extension brand in Canada). I am currently a p/t makeup artist for the NARS Artistry Team and I am also the preferred Makeup Artist for The Atrium Banquet Centre in Burlington. I am so privileged to have beautified many Brides who have gotten married there, including myself. I have many years of makeup artistry under my belt. I am so blessed to have a wonderful group of MUA's, Hair Stylists and Lash/Nail Techs that work with me. There is no job that is too big or small for us. We all have drive and passion for what we do and you can see it in our work. ❤

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