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Here are some BeautifiedByRenee Frequently Asked Questions!
If there are any questions that I have missed please don’t hesitate to ask.


  1. Do you offer trials and are trials just for Brides?

  • Yes we offer trials for the Bride as well as to anyone else who would like to book one.

  1. How long do trials last?

  • A trial can range from 1 to 2 hours depending on the service/s booked.

  1. When should I book my trial and do I have to book a trial?

  • I recommend booking a trial as soon as you’ve found the company that you want to book with. It is best being done close to the season of your wedding, that way the color matching is most accurate. No you do not have to book a trial but it is definitely recommended, that way we have an idea what to expect on the day of the wedding. I do not recommend “winging it”

  1. Can I bring guest to the trial with me like my fiancé, mom and friends?

  • Yes you can 100 percent bring 1 guest with you. I find in the past it was too distracting with more than 1 person and it distracted a lot from the trial. If you want to bring someone bring one of your cheerleaders, someone that will be supportive and not a “Debbie Downer” that hates makeup. As a professional, I urge you not to come with your husband to-be. Surprise him on the Wedding Day!

  1. What should I bring to the trial or how do I prepare?

    A) Please arrive ON TIME (as there is a late fee) with a clean face for us to work on, no makeup on     your face. If you are doing your hair, please no wet hair. Bring a few pictures of looks that you gravitated to as a guideline for us.

  1. How long have you been doing makeup?

  • Renee, the owner and lead MUA has been doing makeup for over 8.5 years. BeautifiedbByRenee has been in business for 6years.

  1. Can you work with my budget?

  • We have our set prices and I find our prices are very reasonable. We will not be able to change our set rates..

  1. What is the benefit of airbrush makeup?

   A)  Airbrush application minimizes the look of fine lines and wrinkles. Easily blends away the appearance of skin blemishes. Eliminates the use of brushes and sponges and is a more hygienic application. Skin feels and looks like silk. It is very lightweight and breathable for skin. It is long lasting, water-based and goes on skin evenly.

  1. How far in advance can I book you and your team?

  • It all depends on availability. Some brides book us 2 years in advance and some book last minute. To avoid disappointment I would recommend booking sooner rather than later.

  1. Which areas do you service? Is there a travel fee?

  • We travel EVERYWHERE! No location is off limits however we do charge a travel fee to certain locations.

  1. Is there a minimum for booking?

  • There is no minimum for booking with the TEAM however there is a minimum to book personally with Renee.

  1. How many team members do you send to a booking?

  • It depends on the booking. We normally provide 1 MUA and 1 hairstylist per booking. We can accommodate large parties of up to 20 and smaller parties as well.

  1. How much time is needed for each service?

  • We like to give up to 45 minutes per application. The brides application is up to an hour per service. This can end up being more time or less. Depending on the clients needs.

  1. Do you charge for additional artists?

  • Additional artists may be brought in dependant on number of services booked. This is determined by our team. If additional artists are requested by client and not deemed necessary by our team, additional fees will apply at a rate of $50 per additional stylist.

  1. What makeup brands do you and the team use?

  • We use a variety of professional brands in our kits. My kit ranges from Mac, Nars, Stila, Urban Decay, Makeup Forever, Ben Nye, Tarte Cosmetics and Smatchbox just to name a few.

Side Notes:


A % retainer + a signed contract is needed to secure your booking and guarantee your wedding services/date; no dates can be held without this. Retainers are non-refundable and non-transferable. The date (wedding or otherwise) is not booked until the time the retainer and contract/agreement are received.


*There ARE NO MINIMUMS when booked with the team members however this excludes Renee.

*RENEE is only booked for weddings with a minimum of $500 for MAKEUP SERVICES. If the booking is less than $500.00 please note that you will be booked with a lead hair and or makeup guru from the BeautifiedByRenee team. If you have a small booking but wish to book with Renee, the billing will be a minimum of $500.


*AGAIN a Minimum service booking of $500 is required for makeup services with Renee only and  for long weekends/holidays during the year & all weekends during peak wedding season ( if requesting Renee) otherwise you will be booked with one of the amazing BeautifiedByRenee Team members for your event and or wedding, with no minimum booking requirement.

*Additional fees may apply for holiday bookings, subject to the artist discretion.


*Early Morning start time prior to 7am will have an early morning fee of $50.


* Once services are confirmed on the contract they cannot be removed. Any additional services can be performed on the day of IF time permitted however it is NOT guaranteed.                                                                                                           *Cash in Canadian currency and E-Transfer are both valid forms of payment.                    

*Additional artists may be brought in dependent on number of services booked. This is determined by our team. If additional artists are requested by client and not deemed necessary by our team, additional fees will apply.


*We reserve the right to alter our pricing at any time, though our rates typically see an increase once a year. Your rates are only guaranteed upon receipt of signed contract and payment of retainer.




 TRIAL DATES ARE FROM MONDAY – THURSDAY! Unfortunately Friday, Saturday and Sunday’s are our busiest Wedding Day bookings and we try NOT to book trials on those dates. SOMETIMES if we can squeeze a booking in, we will but it is not guaranteed. Check with us! Trials are done at my location in Burlington unless we have made other arrangements. Trials done at the location of the clients request, there may be an added travel and set up charge.

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